Backyard Svalbard

Authentical experiences on skis in Svalbard's nature

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Backyard Svalbard

Authentical experiences on skis on Svalbard

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Ready for this summer's action news? Packraft comes to Svalbard

Backyard Svalbard tries out packraft in river streams on Svalbard in a test run. Check out this summer's news.

Packraft pilot project

Welcome to Svalbard

Svalbard contains steep mountains, fjords, valleys and glaciers. This is an excellent place for you who wants to ski!

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Hiking in Svalbard

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  • Ski touring in the backyard of Svalbard
  • Expedition trip to Oscar II land
  • Svalbard crossing
  • Newtontoppen expedition
  • Ski touring camp
  • Ice caving
  • Packraft trips
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