Clean up tours Svalbard

Visiting the Arctic is a very good moment to take the time to reflect about our life style and our link to the environment.

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The very rough landscape of the Arctic tundra is also a very sensitive one, making it very important to aim for the best preservation of this sensitive environment. Human impact on nature is of great concern for us, we wish to develop an Eco-responsible tourism and reduce as much as we can the human footprint of our tours.

Hiorthamn evening tour: (5h)

Thursdays 18.30-23.30

The tour will bring you along the shores of Adventfjorden after a short boat transport. The guide will then explain about pollution along the shore line and discuss of impact that each individual can have on one of the big environmental issues that we are facing nowadays. This discussion will be followed by a session of trash pick up along the shore. Finally, a warm drink is served while waiting for the boat transfer back to town. The guide will bring you back to your hotel around 23:30

This tour includes : transport, warm drink.

Price; NOK 2400 pr person

Minimum 4 guests, maximum 8 guests

This tour will be arranged Thursdays. With the proviso that minimum 4 participants has booked the tour.

This clean up tour is aimed for everyone interested in knowing more about the current human impact and the possible solutions on an individual level. We are offering 2 different options of this tour, the 9 hours tour that takes you up on Longyearbreen’s glacier (hiking) and the evening 4 hours tour that brings you on the shores of Adventfjorden (boat transfer).

Longyearpasset day tour: (9h)

Tuesdays 09.00-18.00

The tour will bring you on Longyearbreen’s glacier by a very nice and scenic hike. Once the group has reached the waste collection site, the lunch is taken while the guide will explain about pollution on land and discuss of the individual impact that each person can have on this important environmental issue. The trash collection last for 2 to 2,5hours and is followed by a warm drink and a discussion. Finally, the group heads back to town with the different waste bags collected. The guide will bring you back to your hotel around 18:00.

This tour includes : Transport, lunch, warm drink.

Price; NOK 2400 pr person

Minimum 2 guests, maximum 6 guests

This tour will be arranged Tuesdays or by requests.