Who are we?

Backyard Svalbard consists of a passionate team of skiers

Erlend Kjørsvik

Erlend is CEO and the runner of the company. He is educated as Arctic Nature Guide, and has in addition Ski&Avalanche from Alta. For Erlend there is no mountain side too steep, but he loves when he can cruise in "Svalbard powder" in 25-30°. Erlend has worked at Svalbard for 3 years, and he knows many hidden treasures for skiers.

Mail: erlend@backyardsvalbard.com

Erlend Kjørsvik

Loup Supéry

Loup is made by real French quality. He is born and raised in the Pyrinées, and he knows mountains and how to travel in the mountains well. He is educated Arctic Nature Guide and works today as a guide in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. A saying about Loup in Longyearbyen "The guide with most 5-star ratings."

mail: loup@backyardsvalbard.com

Philip Karch

Arctic Nature Guide. Philip has crossed Spitsbergen in 2018 from North to South. In 2021 he did Spitsbergen circumsailing with kayaks. He has many seasons in the Arctic and in the Antartic. This winter he looks forward to show you our backyard by skis.

Sigurd Vangberg Vaadal

This is Sigurd. He will be in Svalbard for his second winter this winter. He says "The life is best when legs are pointed forward while going down a steep coloir!". Sigurd likes to do snowmobile, jumping parachute and fly speedglider on his spare time. A trip with Sigurd contains of a taste of adventure, and he promise to show you his best runs!

Michel Afflerbach

Michel is 24 years. He is a true Arctic Nature Guide with passion for nature. A unique way to show hospitality and great knowledge of avalanche is what describes him good. He will be in our team in April and May.

Ronny Lauritz Berntsen

Ronny Lauritz Berntsen

Ronny is 30 years old and originally from the southern part of Norway. He works as an expedition teacher at the Folk high school in Svalbard. Ronny is well experienced when it comes to Svalbard technical experiences, when he has been living there for over 7 years now. He loves telling stories of close encounters with polar bears.

mail: ronny@backyardsvalbard.com

Alexander Veie Fiskum

Alex is co-owner and mr. Backoffice in Backyard Svalbard. He runs our projects for investments and development. His first Svalbard crossing was in 2021. Alex has a protruding hint of adventure lust in his soul.

mail: alexander@backyardsvalbard.com