Backyard Svalbard is a local tour operator who offers tailor made tours for small groups. We are a team of passionate certified guides who want to show you the best of Svalbard. To get to know the team, don’t hesitate to click on the “Who are we?” tab.

Vi er et team av lidenskapelige, sertifiserte guider som vil vise deg det beste av Svalbard.

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Are you looking for the perfect Svalbard experience?

We are offering tailor made trips for you and your group. There are so many opportunities to choose between, but we strive to find the best option for you - with you!

We know Svalbard like the back of our hands, and when you make your request we know exactly where to take you.

Are you wondering when to travel to Svalbard?

The dark winter (also called the early winter) lasts from October to February. During this period we are offering hiking and ice caving tours sometimes under the northern light. The skiing season normally starts in January. The light returns mid of February, which makes February and March the months where you can do tours in a spectacular light show.

The light winter (also called late winter) lasts from March to May. In this period we are offering ski touring and expeditions on Spitsbergen. The skiing may last until mid of June depending on the sonw conditions.

From mid April the sun does not go down.The midnight sun gives us many possibilities to gather unforgettable memories all day around.

The polar summer lasts from June to August. This is the time when whales and birds reside in this Arctic wonderland. The wildlife bustles in the summer. The flora finally gets to see day light, and the temperatures can rise up to 15 degrees Celsius. We are offering hiking tours, Arctic Nature camps and glacier hikes.

The period of September - October is the time when the light starts changing, announcing the winter. It's freezing in the river streams and the sunset gives us magical memories. An absolute underestimated time of the year. We are offering hiking tours, camping tours, fishing tours.