Nordenskiöld land National Park

Come in expedtion mode with our unique tours in the mountains next to Longyearbyen.

Our tours in Nordenskiöld land National Park is made specially for you who want a ski expedition in Svalbard.

3 day trip

We start at Camp Barentz, at the end of the road in Adventdalen. From there we go up Foxdalen up to the mountains. Here we will most likely be alone, because it's snowmobile free area. Here you can enjoy the Arctic nature's peace, and disconnect from your everyday. "A wonderful adventure in our Backyard!"

4 day trip

The 4 day trip looks like the 3 day trip, but the choice of route and the lenght is different. We start at Camp Barentz.
This tour include more of the good stuff; stunning nature, good atmosphere, changing weather, and of course unforgettable memories.

3 day trip route: Foxdalen, Fleinisen, Dalburgbreen, Bolterskaret, Bolterdalen. Camp at Fleinisen and in Bolterskaret.

Price for 2 pax: NOK 31 900. If you are more persons in group; please ask for price.

4 day trip route; Adventdalen, Jansondalen, Møysalen, Rugaasfonna, Drønnbreen, Adventdalen.

Price for 2 pax: NOK 39 900. If you are more persons in group; please ask for price.

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