Packraft pilot project

This summer you have the chance to join our pilot project "Packraft in river streams". We are launching trips on 4 and 12 hours. This is this summer's experience on Svalbard!

How do you handle the wet element?
We are testing out packraft in Svalbard. Packraft is an inflatable kayak which is easy to carry and can get ahead in most kinds of water. The perfect tool for your next adventure! You will get packraft suiting, so you won't need to worry about getting wet.

From Longyearbyen you can experience the wonderful nature of Svalbard. Local certified guides will guide you through this unique experience.

Different tours:

4 hours trip in Adventdalen
We pick you up at your hotel and drive to the old airport, in Adventdalen. Here we get suited with wet suits and floating wests, and head out towards the fjord. The paddling itself is about 9 km long, so you will get close contact with the nature of Svalbard. Maybe we are lucky to get some wildlife? At the end of the trip we will do a common evaluation (this is a pilot project), with bonfire and a coffee cup and the beach.

12 hours trip to Coles Bay
This tour is a stunt, like all the other packraft tours. This is for you who want sto do something that NO ONE has done before you. We will walk in Endalen, and plan to raft down Colesdale, all the way from the top of Fardalen. From Endalen to the top of Fardalen it is 7,5 km by foot. At the top the rafting starts down Fardalen and Coledalen. The rafting distance is 22 km. At the end in Coles Bay there is an old russian coal mining town. This tour included lunch mid way and dinner in Coles Bay. In Coles Bay we do an evalutation of the tour before return with RIB. It is required good physical condition to complete this trip. You must also expect to carry 15-20 kg on your backpack. You need to bring a backpack of 40 L.

2 day trip to Coles Bay
The trip to Coles Bay will also become available as a 2 day trip, if you want to make it an overnight stay.