Ski and sail


Extend your ski season with a week: go ski & sail on the white clothed mountains in the Arctic!

The fjords of Svalbard and Lyngen are nature’s gift to ski fanatics. They are the ultimate places on earth to go Ski & Sail. Surrounded by majestic nature, where mountains meet the sea, you now have the chance to join our guides to untouched slopes, waiting for you... Remote places you can only reach by boat!

Our guides take you to new, untouched mountain sides every day. Back on board you can relax and enjoy nature in great company.

These tours are newly launched!


High quality onboard

The fantastic expedition vessel ‘Ocean Sherpa’ is your sailing basecamp. This sturdy steel ship with beautiful woodwork is 34 meters long and can take up to 10 guests. Onboard you’ll meet our professional crew of sailors and guides.

The ship is equipped with 6 double guest rooms with an en-suite shower & wash basin in every cabin.

The deckhouse holds an inviting saloon with a bar and panoramic view. You can relax while enjoying a delicious meal from the chef, and observe the wonders around you.

Join us for the trip of your lifetime!

The skilled crew operates the fast expedition Zodiacs for shore landings, exploring and close up photography of wildlife.



The sailing tours starts every Saturday. Here's the weekly program:

Day 1: Throwing ropes in Longyearbyen

We head towards the beautiful Isfjorden - the majestic fjord in Svalbard. We are anchoring in Trygghamna, ready to start the first day of skiing. The bay Trygghamna was given the name "Safe harbour” because of its calm and easy sea.

Day 2: First lines

With the starting point in Trygghamna and Ymerbukta we have plenty of options to put our first lines in the snow. This bay contains a bunch of different goodies to choose from.

Once we have returned to the boat, we are served a fantastic meal before heading towards the St.Johns' fjord.

Day 3: Out of reach

We are waking up in St. Johns' fjord - here the treasures are hidden. They say that it's gold somewhere in St. Johns'.... and we believe this!

Day 4: Krossfjorden

Todays’ destination, if everything goes according to plan, is Krossfjorden. We are now 79 degrees north, not far away from Kings Bay and Ny-Ålesund. When you are skiing in Krossfjorden, you know this is going to be a "once in a lifetime" experience. This will be the northernmost place we sail on this tour.

Day 5: Another day in wonderland

We choose to stay in this fantastic place for two nights. We are going to make great memories in Krossfjorden.

Day 6: Prins Karls Forland

The island is shortly called " the Foreland", which is the westernmost island in the archipelago Svalbard. Probably the mountains that William Barentz discovered first in 1594. He gave it the name "Spitzbergen" because of the pointy mountains.

Day 7: Isfjorden

Isfjorden has many fantastic bays. We are turning back to Isfjorden and we’ll let the weather lead us to the best spot for the day.

Day 8: Hello Longyearbyen

After breakfast you disembark to explore more of Longyearbyen city life and souvenir shops before your flight back in the afternoon.

Prices: NOK 66 290,- pr person / EUR 5,635 pr person


Stay onboard the ship for the specified travel duration

Professional sailing crew and guides

Standard offshore lifejacket and lifeline

Shore landings and tours with the dinghy

Bedding and towels

Onboard food, snacks, hot beverages and non-alcoholic beverages

Fuel and all port dues



Air fares to and from departure point

Insurance (personal medical, travel, cancellation, etc)

Alcoholic beverages

Food and beverages on the day of arrival until boarding

Trekking clothing

Voice and data communication using onboard equipment

Entry fees into parks, museums, etc.

Tours in 2024:




  • APRIL 13-20
  • APRIL 20-27
  • APRIL 27 - MAY 4
  • MAY 4-11
  • MAY 11-18 1 SPOT LEFT
  • MAY 25- JUNE 1
  • JUNE 1-8

Minimum: 6 pax


Louis Pauchet

Louis is qualified Svalbard guide with passion and dedication for ski touring in the Arctic. Besides being a guide, Louis likes to do climbing, biking, paddling kayak and sailing. He has in addition an impressive education in polar climatology.

Romain Pitchot

Romain has education from AST 2 - Avalanche Safety Terrain 2 in Canada, in addition to lot of experience from the Alps and the Lyngen Alps. With a gifted ability to convey and respresent safety in nature, Romain with his experience will ensure that you are getting an unforgettable experience on our tours.

Brage James Fuglestad

James is educated Arctic Nature Guide in Longyearbyen, and he knows the areas well. With this unique background he would be able to bring you along safe skiing tours and also yield exemplary history conveying in field.

  • Hat
  • Neck, neoprene mask
  • Polarised sun glasses
  • Goggles
  • Warm mittens
  • Gloves
  • Woolen underwear
  • Mid layers; wool or fleece
  • Down jacket
  • Wind protective outer clothing
  • Woolen sock
  • Flask 1 L / 2 á 0,5 L Nalgene
  • SPF Sun screen
  • Lotion
  • Toe and hand warmers
  • Thermos
  • Ski /splitboard
  • Skins
  • Crampons
  • Ski boots
  • Poles
  • Helmet
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Avalanche Beacon
  • Toiletteries
  • lip balm
  • Pain killers / neccessarily medicals/ compeed
  • Personal entertainment, i.e. book, crosswords, music

Payment Terms

For activities we will send out an invoice. The invoice must be paid within the payment deadline.



Cancellation must be made directly to Backyard Svalbard via mail.


Cancellation fees:

-Until 60 days before the activity 25% fee of total price

-From 59 to 8 days before the activity fee equivalent to 50% of total price

-14- 0 days before the activity fee equivalent to 100% of total price



Backyard Svalbard is responsible that the activities / programs are implemented in a secure and safe way.


Customer's obligations

Participants are required to familiarize themselves with conditions of sale before they buy the activity. Furthermore, the participant is obliged to follow any instructions given by the organizer or his tour guides, in addition to signing under that you have read and understood the terms of participation before start.


Customers Responsibilities

Customers is responsible for assessing their physical and / or mental shape compared to the tour content. There are under no circumstances allowed to bring private weapons or pyrotechnic devices on the trips. Backyard Svalbard is not liable for accidents and injuries that are beyond its control.


Backyard Svalbard reserves the right to refuse admittance to a trip if the customer is a threat to safety, either for themselves or the other participants, or if the customer behaves so that he / she is of nuisance for the other participants. If the trip is delayed, changed or canceled because one or more participants do not follow the operator's instructions, they can be held financially responsible for any additional costs.



Backyard Svalbard have liability insurance through our insurance company, and we also set the necessary guarantees to the Governor. This includes expenses in connection with any rescue operations. Customer must have a private travel insurance.


Program Change / unforeseen events

Backyard Svalbard reserves the right to change departure times or cancel trips until the tour starts by too few participants in relation to the specified number in the brochure or web. Likewise reserves Backyard Svalbard the right to cancel trips until the tour starts due to weather conditions, force majeure or other events beyond the company's control and which are an obstacle to that the activity can be carried out safely. Changes like this will not affect the activity price. If the weather conditions, third parties or other circumstances cause delays or make it impossible to carry out the event as agreed, the organizer can not be made liable for compensation. The decision whether it is safe to carry out the program is made by the guide in companion with co-worker in Backyard Svalbard. We will always strive to find alternative solutions within the financial framework, and available accommodation and activity resources available to the organizer at any given time.


If travel restrictions given by the Government occur, a full refund will be given. Contact us if it's the case.


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Tel: +47 988 02 283