Siste nytt fra Svalbard

Film team crossing Spitsbergen

Written 13.05.2021

We have just crossed Spitsbergen with Huy Rebel AS, a film team who are going to produce a promotion film for Backyard Svalbard. Even without any experiences with skiing or winter camping, they made it incredible good, and they 've got unforgettable moments.

Project success

Eager the five of them and the dog went out for expedition at the East coast of Spitsbergen. From the start in Mohnbukta the journey headed westwards to Tempelfjorden. Loup was guide on the trip, which was his first crossing himself. "A fantastic trip", says Loup.

Polar bear last day

The tour contained everything! From snowmobile to RIB, all kinds of weather and at last the king of the Arctic, the polar bear. It was a kind meeting, but the puls increased when they discovered the bear at 150m.

The group was driven out to Mohnbukta with snowmobile. From there they started the 45 km expedition. First stage was up Hayesbreen where they camped the first night.

The weather varied from nice weather to whiteout in one day. They first days were embossed with low visibility, and first on day 3 the clouds opened. Finally they could see the beautiful Svalbard nautre and the view down to Tempelfjorden.

They second stage went from Hayesbreen to Panoramaberget, a nunataq which points up from the glacier. This was the trip's highest point. The stages were about 10-12 km long.

The third stage went from Panoramaberget til Von Post-glacier. This night was going to be windfull.

Huy Ta sends up his drone to film the camp from above. He brought 3 drones, and all of them ended up broken during the expedition. It is hard to keep track on all equipment and holding the batteries alive. The target of the trip was to make content to a promotion film.

The guide Loup had rented a prototype from "Alt i 3"'s (Everything in tree's) "burning box. This box worked very well! We use gas to boil water, to boil dinner, and to heat up the tents. Safe and easy use is important for a cozy trip.

Along the trip he had his dog Winch. It is always cozy to bring dogs on such trips. Social, physical and at last a good bear scarer...

... for at the last day they had an encounter with the king of the Arctic. He showed himself from his best side when in Tempelfjorden. Watch video where Loup explains.

It was a huge gap between the experience levels in the group, but it was no problem for this group. This trip fits for those who are physical versatile, but not necessary has experience with winter camping. If you want to read more about Spitsbergen crossing, press the link below.

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