Backyard Svalbard offer unique hiking tours in our backyard. Our professional guides and tour designers will arrange your Svalbard-trip based upon your request!

Easy trips

These tours suits well for families, or groups who wants a short trip in the nearby areas. Maybe a trip to a wilderness valley with bonfire is what you're looking for?

Complex tours

How about a real expedition in the Arctic? No requests are too big or too small for us.

Group tours

Are you travelling with a group?

We are happy to show you our backyard. Our capasity is max. 12 guests.

The price, tour difficulty and program will vary depending on your trip. Examples of different options are listed below (ages are given as an indication):

-Discover the unique Svalbard nature (everybody).
- Discover the wildlife in Svalbard (everybody)
- Bonfire and marchmellows in the snow (everybody)
- Fun fossil hunting (from 4-75, only summer).
- First steps on a glacier (from 6-75)
Climbing Nordenskiöldtoppen, the highest summit around Longyearbyen (from 12-72)
Summit hopping, 7 mountains in a day (from 15 -65)