Svalbard crossing

Do you have dream of crossing Svalbard? 

Here you have the opportunity to cross Svalbard in 4 days.

Svalbard crossing from East to West.
This trip is for you who are in normal physical condition. You will need strenght and condition to drag the pulka and walk for 4 days. We recommend you to prepare for the tour. A preparation tour will be organized by us in Norway this winter. Contact us if you need advice for the expedition preparation or if you want to join our pre-expedition.
Price: NOK 24 990
Available tours 2023:
  • March 14-17

Available places 8 

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Day to day program
Day 1
-Arriving Svalbard
- We bring you to a designated lunch place and chat. We're also going through the equipment list.
- Then follows a shopping trip to "The store".
- Packing of the pulkas
- Common dinner

Day 2
- We pick you up at 09.15 at the hotel.
- Suiting and instructions for the snowmobile trip of 80 km, to Mohnbukta.
- Departure at 10 am.
- You drive 2 and 2 together at snowmobile. Remember driving license for car.
- At Mohnbukta we take lunch. Maybe there are some possibilities for watching polar bear?

- Finally starts the trip westwards towards Tempelfjorden. First we climb glaciers. We find a suitabel place to make camp at Hayesbreen.
- In camp we make routines for tent making, boiling water, and polar bear watch.
- Dinner in camp
- Polar bear watch during night

Day 3
- Breakfast and boiling of water
- Taking down the camp
- The journey continous up Hayesbreen. We are surrounded be glaciers, and around there's a lot of nunataqs. If we have good visibility we will get the ultimate Svalbard-experience - just wait until you're there.
- The camp will be proximate at the top of the glacier, next to Panoramaberget.
- Dinner in camp.
-Polar bear watcg during night. We can make a desicion whether it's neccessarily so high up at the glacier.

Day 4
- The routines in camp continue as before.
- This leg goes downwards Von Post glacer, an easy leg. The camp will be close to where Marit glacier and Von Post-glacier meets.

Day 5
- Today is our last leg down to the fjord.
- Lunch before homebound.
- We estimate pick up at 1 pm. The pick up will be by RIB, so now you will see Svalbard from sea as well. Look up for seals and whales!
- Back in Longyearbyen around 3pm.
- Delivery of equipment before checking in in the hotel.
- Well deserved shower and relax before dinner.

Day 6

This day is a nice day to have free, when it's surely good for your body to relax. In addition do we recommend to have a day to wobble, in case of bad weather.

Day 7

- Homebound. We fix taxi to the airport to 12.00. Make sure to bring own food for the travel (Local tip).